Located on the North-West coast of Mauritius, the port of Port Louis is its only commercial harbour. It is situated at the capital city of port Louis, which is also the administrative and economic centerpoint of the country.

Port Louis Harbour is strategically situated in the Indian Ocean on the shipping routes linking Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. As the principal gateway of the country, the port plays a vital role in the national economy by handling about 99% of the total volume of the country'sexternal trade. Over the past two decades, the port has been transformed into an economic nerve center, with modern port facilities, a dynamic freeport, excellent port based facilities together with impressive waterfront developements.

A Regional Platform

This choice location makes Port-Louis Harbour an excellent interface between Africa, Asia and Europe. With a regional ambition in mind, Port Louis Harbour has been developed into a regional maritime and business hub. In this contex, the port has been transformed from an old lighterage port into a modern facilities, especially including the developement of a new port, which has a new container terminal spanning over 26 hectares and equipped with 3 post-panamax rail mounted quay cranes. Facilities for the handling of a wide range of cargo are also available.

Port Louis stands out by the numerous advantages it offers, from comptitve tariffs, organised workforce, smooth industrial relations to high security for cargo in transit and a personalised customer service.